Interesting Trails

I engineered an adaptation of the networked tile-trading application “Colored Trails” in order to study outcomes of interest-based computer mediated negotiation compared to those of position-based negotiation. I added a layer permitting revelation of goals in the interest-based negotiation protocol, as well as projection of paths possible through hypothetical trades. I had human experiment subjects play tile trade scenarios with each other through collaborators at Harvard University, analyzed the data for outcome differences under goal solicitation/revelation protocols, and modeled likelihood of goal revelation upon solicitation.


Core Java + Weka (for data modeling)


British University in Dubai (in association with the University of Edinburgh, UK), 2008-2009

In partnership with a team at Harvard University


BUiD Master of Science in Informatics thesis: Dsouza, S. (2009) Empirical Studies in Computer-Mediated Interest-Based Negotiations.

State flow of interest-based negotiation protocol

Mediated negotiation interface for Interest-Based Negotiation protocol in Colored Trails

Hypothetical chip trade deal outcome projector

Distribution of games featuring goal solicitations for different numbers of Pareto optimal outcomes possible