Data Visualisations

Miscellaneous dynamic interactive visualisation projects, implemented using D3.js/HTML5/CSS3

A choropleth+radar I developed, of global variation in ethical assessment of hypothetical moral decisions made by autonomous vehicles, for the Moral Machine project. Visitors can click countries to view preference shifts, or pairs of countries to compare them. It can be explored in my repo backup deployed here, and is also linked on the "About" page at the Moral Machine website.

A choropleth I developed, of aggregated reciprocity in international influence (to complement a paper authored by colleagues, for data they provided). It can be explored in my repo backup deployed here.

A Sankey I developed, examining material cooperation and conflict among countries from GDELT international coverage data, and comparing with book translations (as part of a project for a Quantitative Social Science course at Harvard)

Visualisations I developed for a Harvard course on visualisation principles and technologies